Cranmer Grass Farming, Inc. grows both cool and warm season varities of turf offering flexibility to meet your needs. Our turf is custom-harvested daily to order ensuring our customers will receive a fresh product delivered to their home or jobsite. In preparation for your new turf, there are some items that you will need to familiarize one's self with to ensure proper installation and a healthy lawn for years to come.
A properly installed and maintained underground sprinkler system conserves water by directing it exactly where and when it's needed. Have your sprinklers installed and tested prior to ordering your turfgrass sod.
Kill existing vegetation with a recommended herbicide (follow directions); remove any remaing grasses and weeds leaving bare soil; a soil sample may be collected and submitted ( to help determine overall soil fertility; add any soil amendments (based of recommendations from soil sample) and rototill to a depth of 1 to 2 inches.
Work the soil, then level and smooth with a rake. The soil should remain loose to about 1/2 inch allowing for further raking and smoothing throughout turf installation. Final grade should be 1/2 inch below walkways and driveways. Spread area with starter fertilizer at rate recommended on given label.
Easy mathematics is used to determine how much turf is needed for a given area. It is wise to order some additional turf for hard to measure areas. *Plot plans can be emailed or faxed to us and we can help to provide a rough measurement
Begin to install your sod immediately after delivery. Start laying your sod along a straight edge such as a walkway or driveway. It is wise to start in the back corner so that you will not box yourself in as installation progresses. Butt joints tightly together, do not overlap. Joints should be staggered similar to rows of bricks. Use a sharp knife to cut and shape sod around curves, trees, borders, and any other obstacles.
Being watering ASAP even if all the sod isn't installed yet, to prevent wilting and drying. When turf is harvested the roots are severed putting the grass in a vulverable state. NEVER let the sod dry out and kill the tender grass roots.
Keep your new lawn consistently moist during the first 7-12 days after installation, but not overly "soggy". Do not let water pond/pool during this period. Multiple watering periods may be needed daily during different weather periods.